Unidentified Brasses

One member has come up with a very good idea regarding those annoying unknown brasses that we sometimes come across in order that someone out there may be able to identify them? Any member wishing to upload a brass on this page please contact the webmaster.

  The first of these is the stags head brass left, so has anyone any ideas? The lettering here is S&G or is it G&S? The second, is the enigmatic pyramid brass below with the initials JC&S Ltd. Some have suggested a builders firm but does anyone know for sure? This brass is very similar to a well-known George V commemorative on the reverse so is this brass also a 1911 date or thereabouts?







The mystery of the pyramid horse brass was solved in an epic six page article in Journal 85 July 2018 by the Editor Peter Ferguson. The pyramid was a trademark for candles,common soap, detergents,illuminating heating or lubricating oils, matches, starch blue, and other preparations for laundry purposes, also perfumery, (including toilet articles, preparations for teeth, hair and perfumed soap) manufactured by Joseph Crosfield and Sons Limited soap makers of Bank Quay,

The company was founded in 1814 and Joseph Crosfield took his eldest son into partnership in 1841.  For further information reading the journal article is thoroughly recommended. 




Additional provenance in support of the J C & S Ltd brass, far left is a blue caustic soda jar and above the pyramid trade mark .