Over Haddon Meet 2015

This was .............

The second meeting at this venue saw another lovely day with local members in attendance, and several from further afield with another chance to look at Alec Hopkinsons superb collection!

Left, Ian Jones with one of his recent acquisitions; a superb, old working-horse bridle with an owner brass inscribed, Rawlings, Collingbourne 1920, which was made by saddler and harness maker, Sheppard of Collingbourne.

The society get-together at Over Haddon in Derbyshire on 17th August 2014 was the inagural meeting at this venue, which we hope will become a regular fixture. Like the other meetings it was arranged to provide a venue for those members who are perhaps, closer to this particular area than to our other meetings at Church Stretton or Ipsden, and so it proved, with local members in attendance.

Below, Alec Hopkinson from Chesterfield provided the star attraction with his superb collection taking centre stage, which provided plenty of interest.

At this meeting I was able to put on a display myself at long last, and as I am tending more and more to specialise in recent years, I decided to make this a selection of Sheffield Stars and their derivatives

Left, a display of Sheffield Stars on their original leather harness pieces. With an extensive collection of these, choosing which ones to use was something of a challenge, but in the end, a display that would achieve symmetry was my personal choice!

Choosing a further fifty-five Sheffield Stars (right) to place in my showcase (borrowed from Allan Brewer), was yet another challenge, but I managed to select the display seen here, but could easily have filled one perhaps three times this size!! Next year maybe!!

Below, Stan Benton with little Lea who captured everyones hearts!

As with our other meetings, the day was done and dusted by 2.30 and we were able to clear away and lock up before 3.P.M. Hopefully, this will be the first of these meetings and I am hoping that next year, we can have another one at this venue, which may become a permanent fixture; we will have to see! So special thanks to those who attended, especially Esther and Franck who came all the way from France, and Alec who brought his superb collection to show us!!