NHBS Membership Brasses   

Every member who joins the National Horse Brass Society will receive one of our numbered year brasses, the design of which, is voted on by members with the winner announced at the AGM. When the design choice is finalised these brasses are then manufactured in Walsall by a firm headed by Alison Garbett, the daughter of the late, Terry Keegan who was the founder member of the NHBS. Indeed, each brass is stamped on the reverse with the individual members own number, which, in its own way, makes each brass unique, and therefore personal to that member.

The voting for the annual membership brass is open to NHBS members only who may send their votes by email, post, telephone or in person at the AGM.  We just need your name membership number and the brass design number of your choice.  Your vote for the 2025 brass from the choice below needs to be in by mid April for the AGM on the 5th May 2024, email;  jimspeed42@gmail.com   




Changes being made in 2022 with the numbering and postage of NHBS Membership Brasses

In the hey day of the Society there was over 500 Membership Brasses produced ranging from 0 to 618 but over the years like many hobbies and organisations, popularity has fluctuated, and with it a general reduction in membership.  Once a number has been allocated to a member it is never changed so some of the longer standing members have built up cherished collections of brasses bearing their unique number.

This being the case it is impossible to know how many would leave or join in any one year which has in the past resulted in over production of numbered brasses. The answer is to pitch the number at a bit less than the previous year then top up as required.  It has now been agreed that some fine tuning of the numbering and postage of the brasses will be required from 2022.

We all know the subscriptions are due on the 1st January each year and many are indeed paid before that date.   These brasses will then be sent to George Willett who will post them out during the first week in February.  Any subs paid after that date the brasses will be numbered with a felt tip pen prior to sending out.

From 2023 they will be sent out in three batches, February March and April.  These changes are necessary to enhance our carbon footprint and assist in protecting the Society finances

Jim Speed
NHBS General Secretary
16th December 2021