Neston Memorial Hall November 2017


 Display of Horse Brasses for the Neston Over 60's ClubOn Thursday 8th November I gave a talk on horse brasses to the Neston Over 60's Club who meet at the Memorial Hall Neston near Corsham in Wiltshire. A beautiful sunny afternoon with over thirty members present who took a great interest in the display of brasses on show especially the KB Royalty brasses and in particular the Society's Sapphire Jubilee and Platinum Wedding brasses our specials for this year




Display of Horse Brasses for the Neston Over 60'ClubAlso for good measure I took along my Wiltshire collection and a selection of old brasses. As I explained what to look for in old brasses handed them out for closer examination I soon had the club members turning them over checking the patina looking for harness wear and inspecting the Getts or studs. I am sure by the end of the afternoon they were competent horse brass connoisseur's !!!

Bellow question time and a final inspection ending a very pleasant afternoon


Questions and final inspection-members of the Neston Over 60's Club

Jim Speed