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As most members will undoubtedly testify, the NHBS Journal, Horse Brass produced twice per year in January and July is always eagerly anticipated.  It is through the journal that individual members can inform us of their own finds and interests and each issue contains many articles that, over the years, has added a great deal of regional flavour and interest to the hobby.  It has also been of great value as many of the subjects results from a great deal of research.

An index system was introduced and printed as a reference to the articles included, which was last updated in 2001 with Journal number 50, so for the moment it must be considered work in progress.  The index has now been placed on the NHBS Website which is a significant step forward and will enable Society members to refer too or research an article of interest or particular subject brass.  It may also encourage those interested in the collection of horse brasses to seek out back numbers of the Journal which from time to time become available as without doubt they are superb reference books.

Even if you do not possess a full set of Journals by contacting the General Secretary with a Journal and page number, a copy of an article could be obtained from the NHBS Archive.


Three Editions Of Horse Brass The NHBS Journal


 Above, three recent editions of the journal that contain many varied articles on the subject.

As a society, it is the firm belief of the committee and membership that our excellent Journal has gone from strength to strength in recent years. We hope that members will continue to send in their articles and photographs and, although we don’t expect anything too formal our editor cordially invites any budding author to please make a note of the guidelines as outlined below.

 Horse Brass : The Society’s journal, is published twice yearly for private circulation for members, and is not produced for sale. The copyright for all items is held by the society; Items may only be reproduced by permission of the Editor. Any opinions expressed in articles are those of the contributor and not necessarily those of the society. The Editor will be pleased to receive articles, photographs or drawings for consideration for publication. Items should be typed or legibly written on one side only, leaving wide margins all round. Photographs in colour or black and white should be sharp and of sufficient contrast for reproduction. Please do not send photocopies as these reproduce poorly. Contributions should reach the editor well before the deadline dates of November 1st and June 1st. Please send material electronically if possible: Microsoft Word and jpeg images attached to an email are by far the simplest and preferred, though Memory Sticks or CD’s are also acceptable. From this issue onward the journal will be archived digitally; anyone wishing to have their contributions returned please add a stamped, addressed envelope.

                                               A sample article from our issue 74














One of two excellent online collections that we will feature in this issue is that of the celebrated Photographer George Garland, who became famous for his images covering the daily aspects of rural life, mainly in West Sussex, and neighbouring counties throughout the nineteen twenties and thirties.


This collection which takes the form of thousands of 35mm glass negatives is currently being scanned and digitalised by the West Sussex County Record Office. In this image we see Steven Payne, a ploughman employed by Lord Leconfield at Stag Park Farm, Petworth. This image dates from 1937 when Steven won the coveted title, Champion Ploughman at the Petworth and District Ploughing match defeating a veteran from Pulborough. This image was used in the publication, The Men with Laughter in their Hearts (1986) by Peter Jerrome and Jonathan Newdick (p.80) which is one of a series of excellent books featuring the work of George Garland. Any member perusing the collection and finding a suitable image may then wish to have a copy made, or secure a digital image for future use, as here, which can be had for a small fee. A gallery of the current, online collection can be viewed here.


The image above entitled, Steven Payne with Duke and Prince is used by kind permission of the West Sussex Record Office;  (Garland NI628)