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NEWSLETTER NO: 76                                                                        DATE: October 2018

                                                   CHAIRMAN Ian Jones

SECRETARY Jim Speed                                           MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY Jim Speed

                                                   TREASURER Brian O’Riordan
                                                    FROM THE EDITOR

This issue of the Newsletter contains articles about the end of the First World War, the first International Horse Show, World View and reports of the Great Dorset Steam Fair and the NHBS Ipsden meeting. The new commemorative brass this year celebrates the fact that Prince Charles is the longest serving Prince of Wales. The brass will be issued on his birthday in November.

This Newsletter is also available by e-mail and you will receive it in full colour and will, of course, be able to archive it in your “documents”. Please e-mail me if you would like the Newsletter in electronic form. Over 50 members receive it electronically already

                                                 Membership News

The Chairman and committee would like to welcome the following new members:
Darren Avey, Hobham, West Sussex.                             Theresa Baybutt, Massachusetts, USA.
Phillipa Bradey-Bruijn, Nathalia, Australia.                      Ronald Colman, Hanworth, Norfolk.
Salem Davies,Marlborough, Wiltshire.                             Karma Glos, Berkshire, NY. USA        Paula Felton, Newbury, Berkshire.                                   Ben Humphries,London
Victoria Moorshead, Toronto, Canada                              Peter Nash, Leigh,Sherborne, Dorset

Sadly the following members died this year:
Gerald Dee, Roos, nr. Hull. 24 May 2018
Martin Burtt, Whitby, Yorkshire. 17th June 2018.
We send our deepest sympathies to their families and friends




                                                           “Bells, Ring Out”

The Bells, the Bells have it! 2018, the last of the four years remembering the events of the First World War, bells which normally ring out joyously, now speak with their clapper tongues of remembrance and thanks that that conflict is over.

Our NHBS commemoration bell marks two important events, the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Great Dorset Steam Fair (GDSF) and the sorrow and the joy of 1918. Our GDSF/World War 1 bell was the brainchild of Jim Speed and was worked up by Peter Ferguson. It has been so popular that the limited edition was sold out on the second day of the GDSF. You may remember that last year’s GDSF the 8 new bells for St. George’s Memorial chapel in Ypres were exhibited on the backs of World War 1 lorries and were later erected and dedicated in Ypres.

Many of the men who went to the Front were bell-ringers in their towns and villages. It is estimated that 1400 of them died in the conflict. This year the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers have joined with “Big Ideas” and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government in a campaign to recruit 1400 new bell ringers in a gesture towards those who have died. The Defense of the Realm act severely restricted bell ringing during the War but at its end they rang out with joy. All bell ringers in the UK will join with the new recruits on Armistice Day which coincides with Remembrance Sunday this year in ringing out a commemorative peal of bells. Many of these bells will be muffled on that day to reflect the subdued tone of the occasion.

As well as remembering the men and women who died in the conflict think of the 8,000,000 horses and countless mules and donkeys who never came back to their farms and stables. They performed a great service in transporting men, armaments, food and the wounded.

Some of our members are bell ringers so be alert for the bells and aware of their significance on November 11th.



In the last year of the War and for many months afterwards many people succumbed to Spanish Flu which spread worldwide even to the remote South Sea Islands and to the Arctic. It is estimated that 100,000,000 people died in that epidemic; many more than died in the conflict. It is now thought that that the spread of that epidemic was related to the living conditions of the soldiers and their passage in confined transport to and from their countries of origin. So spare a thought also for, not only the active service people, but also the innocent civilians that died in that greatest pandemic the world has ever known.


                                                First International Horse Show

The first International Horse Show was held in Olympia Exhibition Hall London in June 1907. It was the brainchild of Mr. Reginald Heaton, a horse breeder from Chatteris in Cambridgeshire. Over 500 horses were entered including many from the Continent and America. It then became an annual event except during the First World War. The last International Horse Show took place at Olympia in 1939, but after World War Two, returned to that venue in 1972 under the guidance of Reginald Heaton and Raymond Brooks-Ward as “Olympia – The London International Horse Show”.
The rosette below was found by an NHBS member, Howard Garbett, who kindly forwarded the photographs. Stan Benton has sent them for inclusion in the Newsletter. The rosette has a gilt metal centre with a very faint registration number which may be 538202. This is about right for the period 1907-08. The figure in the centre is a bareback rider holding aloft the Wreath of Victory. The name “Elkington” appears behind the horse’s rear leg.


(The above horse show is not to be confused with the British Horse Society (BHS) Royal International Horse Show that takes place annually at Hickstead)


                                                                  WORLD VIEW


The following letter was sent to us by a member who hosted Karma Klos, a new member from Berkshire, New York State, USA.

Extract: “I wanted to thank you for your hospitality at Court’s Miscellany and your knowledge of horse brasses. It’s been a month since we left England (Feb. 2018) and I miss it so much. The people and the countryside of the West Midlands is one of my favorite places in the world. I hope to return soon.
Upon your urging, I have joined the National Horse Brass Society. I love reading the Journals and finding other people who actually know and enjoy brasses. I believe the brasses I got from you are the finest in my humble collection! Above is a photo of my collection in our “Parlor Pub” where we have gatherings of farmers every week.
Thank you again for talking with me and welcoming my family in your home. It was very kind of you both.

I hope we meet again.
Sincerely, Karma Glos

(You are welcome as a new member and thank you for your very kind words about our publications. I hope you have many interesting days collecting horse brasses. Leominster claims to be the Antique centre of England! Editor


                    Competition for design of NHBS Membership Brass 2019




The winner was number 6 submitted by Jim Speed.

Thank you all for entering the competition.




                                          Designs for 2020 Membership Brass

Designs for the 2020 Membership Brass should be submitted to Peter Ferguson by 1st December 2018. He will refine and select 6 of the best designs to go to the voting paper on which the designs are listed anonymously. Please send your designs by post (not e-mail) to Peter at: The Maltings, 29 Pilton Street, Barnstable, Devon EX31 1PJ.


                                                 Great Dorset Steam Fair 2018

The end of August saw the 50th show of the Great Dorset Steam Fair when for something over a week, 600 acres of farmland near Blandford Forum were transformed into Dorset’s third largest township with a resident population of some 25,000 people on site and equipped with every facility to welcome some 25,000 visitors to the five public days. The largest event of its kind in the world and for this special anniversary, with a staggering 500 steam traction engines on parade and working.

Down at the heavy horse ring and situated in pride of place near the commentary box, is the NHBS stand with a magnificent display of heavy horse harness and brasses and hosted by our secretary and his wife, Jim and Judy Speed whose collection it is. Once again committee member, Peter Ferguson, was there to assist for the week during which time we entertained the public and answered questions about harness and brasses whilst the horses showed off their stuff in the adjacent ring. We were delighted to welcome a good number of our members to the stand during the week and many friends from the show itself as well as visitors from world-wide.

The weather was generally kind to us with some lovely sunny late summer days, that is, until the Sunday when the clouds opened and heavy continuous wind and rain caused all showground events to be cancelled mid-morning for the rest of the day.

The NHBS has for many years sponsored the Decorated Harness Classes in the ring with the presentation of our special award brass. This year’s winner was Erica Macey-Bracken with Baron (known as Nobby). Nobby’s colourful harness with its gleaming brasses and red and white floral decorations was previously owned by Don and Marion Heap, past winners of the Class and our Award Brass. Runner-up was Charlotte Webb with horse, Silver. As the ringside competition events scheduled for the Sunday were cancelled due to the wash-out, judging was done in the stables although the Traditional Harness Class, which was won by Barrie Yeates with Mr. Tumble, took place in the ring prior to the cancellation but under wet conditions. Bank Holiday Monday, however, being good weather again, enabled the final day’s parade to take place as planned.

The Society had produced a limited edition of 50 special brasses to commemorate the centenary year of the end of the First World War coupled with the 50th anniversary of the Steam Fair. Such was the unprecedented demand for souvenirs of the event that we were sold out by the second day. Not only us but Ali Garbett at the Heavy Horse Enthusiast stand next door also sold out of all their show brasses and the Steam Fair organisers had also run out of their anniversary programs and souvenirs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Peter Ferguson                                                     

                                                                               Jan Breen, a regular visitor to the NHBS stand , is pictured here in World War 1 uniform and holding our GDSF/World War 1 commemorative bell brass in front of Jim Speed’s display.                                                 









IPSDEN 2018 Report                                                                                                Mick Mullens

Six o’clock Saturday, 6th October pitch black raining, left home to a mucky drive all the way to Ipsden. Still raining, when l arrived at 07-30; Unlocked the village hall, kettle on, had the tea ready for visitors by 08-00, Sue Hart had the oven working away at the same time. Some Bacon Rolls were ready to consume buy 09-30, Sue and her partner Andrew did a sterling job with the catering, many thanks to both of them.

Colin Doy was an early bird at the hall. He was a great help with chairs and table arranging. Visitors started to arrive at 09-30, Phill Blackiston, the walking stick man, had his usual tables.
It did not take long to have the NHBS book stall up and ready for sales.

This year, to make a change from certificates, l donated trophies for the winners of today’s competition, the theme being RSPCA. As l have quite a number of RSPCA brasses, l took it upon myself to enter the competition Normally, as the organiser l have thought it prudent not to enter these competitions, in previous years. A big thank you to Fionna Wrixon, for ably running the raffle and thank you to all who provided prizes.

Jim Speed supplied a static dislay of good quality nosebands. Bob Wrixon also had a display of some unusual hame plates. Thank you to both of you, both displays created an interesting talking point, and they also gave the hall some purpose for the day.

It then came time for the competition which was Judged by Mr.Don Mitchell. Unfortunately there were only three entrants, Bob Wrixon, Ian Jones, & myself.  The winning display was my board of round aluminium awards from 1935 through to the last year of 1971. Second was Bob Wrixon’s large wooden shield with a display of brass and aluminium awards.  Third prize was Ian Jones two RSPCA face pieces on leather. All three had a trophy awarded by Bob Mitchell, and the winner the usual Jones Ipsden brass engraved with the year.

All morning up to Midday was taken up with talking ,eating, drinking, and enjoying one another’s company. It was then time for Frank Banfield to entertain us from his collection of old black & white films.
We were entertained with several short films, but the one l and l am sure most watching enjoyed was the total movement of a farm in winter, by train, from Yorkshire to Surrey.
The railway attendants and farm hands had to cover the animal trucks with tarpaulins to stop the severe winds cutting through the spaces between the boards. If not it was stated this severe cold would have killed the piglets and the poultry on this long over-night journey.

All who attended said how enjoyable was the friendly gathering. Pity about the weather. We did not see any red kites; perhaps they also do not like the rain.

The hall is booked for next year for the first Saturday in October. The theme for next year is make a display of your own choosing with whatever you collect; this should not cramp any ones style. There is no limitation on size or shape of back board as long as it is not an 8 x 4!

Thank you all for attending, especially those who came very long distances. And it is still raining!

Mick Mullens






 Mick Mullens, Ian Jones, Don Mitchell                            Bob Wrixon and Don Mitchell


 Letter to the Editor.

Dear Editor, August 2018
As a longstanding and enthusiastic member of the National Horse Brass Society, I feel its continued success is very important and much appreciated by an extensive membership.

On reading our recent newsletters and journals, it has been apparent that with the unfortunate changes to our officers and committee, some very conscientious few have “kept the ship afloat” pending further elections – Well Done!

I would like to congratulate Peter and Sheena who took on and produced two excellent journals. It is nice to see some former contributors writing again and providing additional regional interest. Your presentation and standard is high.

I am sure our inspirational founder, the late Terry Keegan would be interested and grateful for the safe custody of his (and our) Society, as I am sure we all are.

Sincere thanks to all

Ralph Chapman

New Commemorative brass – Prince of Wales Longest Reign Brass





On 10th September 2017, Prince Charles became the longest serving Prince of Wales in history. He passed the record of 59 years and 45 days set by Queen Victoria’s eldest son, Albert, who would become Edward VII. Prince Charles, who will become 70 in November 2018, is already the oldest heir apparent. However, because Albert, who was known as Bertie, was made Prince of Wales when he was barely a month old, while Charles was not given the title until July 1958 when he was 9, it has taken him until now for him to overtake his great-great- grandfather.
This appears to be an ideal opportunity to celebrate Charles’ achievement with a Society Commemorative Brass, while he waits to succeed his mother to the throne, who at 92 years old remains in excellent health


 The handsome brass will be available by HRH’s birthday on 14th Nov. 2018 and will be presented to him on that day. The brass was designed by Peter Ferguson from an idea put forward by Mary and David Fletcher.
It will be available to members at £15.00 plus p&p. UK £1.25; EUR £3.75; ROW £5.10. See end of trade section for order form.



Call for ideas for NHBS Commemorative Brasses

The committee would like to receive ideas from the membership for the design of Special Commemorative brasses. Your suggestions are sought. You can also send designs, if you wish, but it is not absolutely necessary.
Please send them to Peter Ferguson : finelinepilton@hotmail.co.uk
If you are including a design please post to Peter Ferguson, 29 Pilton Street, Barnstable, Devon EX31 1PJ


                                                 Subscriptions for 2019

Subscriptions for 2019 will be due on Jan. 1st 2019. Please note the subscription increase that took place on Jan 1st 2018. Some of our members have not increased their Standing Orders. We would be very grateful if you would check your Standing Orders and make out a new one if necessary. The S.O. form is to be found at the back of the Newsletter.

                                                      *Call for Papers*

All you budding authors out there, send your articles, photos, interesting snippets and letters for publication in the Journal or Newsletter to:
Journal to Peter Ferguson: finelinepilton@hotmail.co.uk
Newsletter to Brian O’Riordan: brianoriordan2@gmail.com



Volume II of “The Collector’s Anthology of Antique Horse Brasses” by Dick Bradshaw and Ian Jones was launched at the NHBS AGM in March. It is produced to the same high standard as Vol.I with format designed by Rolf Augustin. This book is selling well so hurry and get your copy. The promotion period when p&p was included is now over and the book is being offered at a slightly reduced price but postage and packing is now extra. Price £16.00. Postage and packing: UK 3.00; EUR 7.00; ROW £11.00
NB: Volume I of the Anthology is now being offered at a similar price.


                                                                AGM 2018

The AGM scheduled for 3 March had to be postponed to 7th April because the “Beast from the East” brought heavy snowfalls.
                                            The new officers and committee are:
Chairman: Ian Jones.                                        Secretary/Membership Secretary: Jim Speed
                                            Treasurer: Brian O’Riordan.

            Newsletter Editor: Peter Ferguson with the assistance of Sheena Ferguson
                     George Willetts, Stan Benton, Rolf Augustin and Mick Mullens.


                                                     Future Meetings.2019

Church Stretton meeting: Silvester Horne Hall, Sunday May12th .
AGM Walsall Leather Museum, Saturday March 2nd.
Ipsden Village Hall, Saturday October 5th.

                                              MEMBERS ADVERTISEMENTS

FOR SALE: Antique horse brasses from large and changing stock of Royalty, Award, Saddlers, Bell, Pattern, and Railway brasses, Hame plates, Nosebands, Studs, Martingales, Harness Decoration and Books.

Send me your “wish list” and be surprised with the result!
See my stall at Church Stretton, Ipsden and other meetings.
Please write or contact: Stan Benton, Peartree Cottage, 14 Middleton Bank, Henley, Ludlow, Shrops SY8 2DY
01584 877880; Mobile: 07802 194253 Email: benton1933@aol.com

Wanted: Complete collections to single pieces; also Railway Brasses and studs, BR & LMS Railway Awards, 1947 etc. Commemoratives, Brewery Brasses, Saddlers Brasses etc. Any nosebands, unusual pottery centres or rosettes, Bell and Pattern brasses.
Your price paid – please contact Stan Benton as above.
The Collector’s Horse Brasses.

We specialize in genuine harness-worn horse brasses for the collector. PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE: www.collectorshorsebrasses.weebly.com for a varied selection of antique horse brasses, harness decorations including martingales, terrets, swingers, facepieces, rosettes and hameplates and the book “The Horse Brass Collectors Handbook Vol. I” and the recently published Vol. II.
We also pay the VERY top price if, for any reason, you have to part with your horse brasses. Swaps will also be considered. Please email Lynne or Matthew at: lythecottage@aol.com or telephone: 07961 828679. We are located in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.
Specially Designed Martingales:
Specially designed martingales to complement each year’s brass issued by NHBS. These are handmade at the Harness Makers Workshop in Ireland by Robert Steinke, a Master Saddler & Harness Maker, from quality English and Italian tanned


leather with non-rust fittings. The martingales are equally suited to other brasses and special martingales can be made to your requirements. All can be posted worldwide.
Contact the maker direct at: Harness Makers Workshop, Corclough, Co. Cavan, Rep. of Ireland
E-mail: Rob@Harness-Maker.com Tel: 00 353 86 3946467
Horse Brasses for Sale and Purchase:
Please get in touch to receive photographs. Free postage and packing.
Wanted in particular: Pony, Flag & Engraved Intaglio Horse Brasses.
Contact: Paul Cater, Barnhourie Farm, Sandyhills, Dalbeattie, Dumfries and Galloway. DG5 4PU. Tel: 01387 780204. Website: www.paulcaterantiques.com Please note change of address

We have kept prices stable for some time despite increases in postal charges. Because of our trade dealing on the website we have had to depart from our usual way of stating our prices i.e. “price includes postage & packing”, to price and then three levels of postage i.e. UK; Europe (Eur) and Rest of the World (ROW).


Please note that we cannot process FOREIGN or EUROCHEQUES and all orders MUST show the purchaser’s Membership number.

Book and Brass sales are now handled by Mick Mullens, 20 North Street, Castlethorpe, Milton Keynes, MK19 7EW; Tel: 01908 510655.

Members can also purchase via our website: www.nationalhorsebrasssociety.org.uk

Members wishing to purchase previous years’ annual Members brasses or back issues of the Journal should please first call to check that the items they require are still currently available as the quantities listed are often out of date before the ink is dry.


Sapphire Jubilee celebrating 65 years of Elizabeth as Queen, 2017: Price £14.00 plus postage & packing
The Queen’s Sapphire Jubilee commemorates 65 years on the Throne. The sapphire on the brass is a one inch synthetic translucent “glass” reminiscent of the rare Victorian glass bosses surrounded by an olive wreath.

Platinum Anniv. Of Wedding of the Queen and Prince Phillip, 2017: Price £14.00 plus postage and packing
This brass was to commemorate the 70th Wedding Anniversary, the Platinum, which took place on 20th November 2017.

Queens 90th Birthday Brass 2016: Price £14.00 plus postage & packing.

NHBS 40th Birthday Brass 2016: Price £14.00 plus postage & packing.


Record Reign Brass 2015: Price £14.00 plus postage & packing.

Royal Wedding Catherine & William brass: Price £14.00 plus postage & packing

Ploughshare Brass (2015): Price £14.00 plus postage & packing

Sheffield Star stud (2010): Price £5.00 plus postage & packing

Annual Members Brasses: Price £5.00 (except 2010 special @£14.00) plus postage & packing
Member’s brasses are available for years 1992 to 2014 (except for 1999, 2002 and 2003)
Postage & Packing on the above brasses as follows: UK £1.25; EUR £3.75; ROW £5.10

                                    BOOKS: Anthology I & II NEW PRICES

The Collectors Anthology of Antique Horse Brasses Vol. I (Dick Bradshaw & Ian Jones) 2011.
A definitive reference on antique heavy horse decoration, selected from the finest private collections around the world. Featured are 330 individual colour images of the best 19th and early 20th century examples to be found, many of them rare and never before documented. The book is 107 pages, 23.5 x 7 19cm, printed on premium matte art paper and hardbound with a buckram finish. It is an absolute “must” for even for the most dispassionate collector…and the perfect gift for any occasion.
NEW PRICE: £16.00. Postage: UK £3.00; Eur £7.00; ROW: £11.00

The Collectors Anthology of Antique Horse Brasses Vol. II (Dick Bradshaw & Ian Jones) 2017
Another 103 pages containing text and photographs of 270 antique brasses produced to the same high standard as Vol. I  NEW PRICE: UK £16.00; P&P UK £3.00; EUR £7.00; ROW £11.00

                                          NHBS ILLUSTRATED BOOKLETS

Postage and packing for all the booklets below: UK £1.30; EUR £3.90; ROW £5.00.

A Guide to Harness Decorations (2nd Edition) Editor: Terry Keegan
The articles which comprise a page of commentary opposite a page of superb photographs range from patterns, subjects, commemorative and trade brasses, swingers, hames and hameplates, breast plates, rosettes, bells, shanked decorations and noseband plates to woolen and floral decorations. In addition there are articles which give advice on attempting to distinguish genuine brasses from others, publications, museums and shows to visit plus the NHBS history and brasses issued to members.

A Guide to Harness Decorations (2nd Edition) Editor: Terry Keegan Price £4.00 plus P&P
This is a photocopied edition of the above as the 2nd Edition is about to run out and further reprints are not possible

Horse Bells (2nd Edition) By Terry Keegan, Douglas Hughes, Claude A. Brock, Ran Hawthorne Price £4.00 +p&p
Contains illustrated articles on the history and manufacture of various types including the casting process for rumble bells, hame bells, team bells, harness bells and American bells. Bell face pieces are examined in some detail.

RHB: Railway Horse Brasses (1987) By Ran Hawthorne Price £4.00 plus P&P
This comprehensive book has over 200 illustrations of brasses, hameplates and swingers associated with the railway companies and the horses which they used. Of interest to all collectors.

Award Brasses (1989) By Malcolm Andrews Price £4.25 plus P&P
London, Town and Country Parades, RSPCA, Ploughing Match, Horse Show and other Awards. Profusely illustrated with photographs and drawings of brasses and other ornaments.
This is a photocopied edition of the above as the 2nd Edition is about to run out and further reprints are not possible

Brewery Horse Brasses (First Edition) By Gron Williams Price £2.00 plus P&P
Please note that this is the old edition and has been superseded by the new one – see below. The Society is selling them at a reduced rate to extinguish existing stocks.

Brewery Horse Brasses (Second Revised Edition 2006) By Gron Williams Price £8.00 plus P&P.  A fifty six page updated edition covering the existing material together with new brewery and brewery brass information that has come to light since the first edition of this publication in 1991. Lavishly illustrated with over 200 photographs and line drawings.

Saddlers Brasses (2003) –reprint of 1993
Edited by Ran Hawthorne Price £4.50 plus P&P
Dealing with the many types of brasses used by saddlers including face pieces, nosebands, rosettes, hameplates and swingers through to studs and with the details of some of the saddlers. Over 180 illustrations of brasses.

Collecting Horse Brasses Volume I (2001 reprint)
By Ran Hawthorne Price £5.00 plus P&P
Illustrates over 400 brasses, including short descriptions and ‘rarity factors’

Collecting Horse Brasses Volume II (1997) By Ran Hawthorne Price £4.60 plus P&P
A further 400 illustrations, including short descriptions and ‘rarity factors’

Collecting Horse Brasses Volume III (1998) By Ran Hawthorne Price £5.00 plus P&P
A further 400 illustrations, including short descriptions and ‘rarity factors’

Collecting Horse Brasses Volume IV (1999) By Ran Hawthorne Price £5.50 plus P&P
A further 400 illustrations, including short descriptions and ‘rarity factors’

Collecting Horse Brasses Volume V (2000) By Ran Hawthorne Price £6.00 plus P&P
A further 400 illustrations, including short descriptions and ‘rarity factors’

Collecting Horse Brasses Volume VI (2001) By Ran Hawthorne Price £8.20 plus P&P
An extended sequel to ‘Royalty Brasses’ published in 1985 and out of print for some time. Just under 300 illustrations, including short descriptions and ‘rarity factors’

Collecting Horse Brasses Volume VII (2003) By Ran Hawthorne Price £7.50 plus P&P
Horse Brass Manufacturers Catalogue Illustrations.

Collecting Horse Brasses Volume VIII (2004) By Ran Hawthorne Price £6.50 plus P&P
A final volume illustrating some collections and over 350 brasses, including short descriptions and ‘rarity factors’

Parade Horse Brasses (2010) By Michael & Peter Ferguson Price £9.30 plus P&P
A superb book containing 65 pages and has a wealth of pictures and details of both parades and their brasses.

Power In Brass (2011) By Gron Williams Price £7.80 plus P&P
A new 28 page publication on the subject of trade related brasses and similar. The book has excellent colour and b&w photographs to accompany the very informative text.

All About Engraving on Horse Brasses, F.A.K.E’s (2013) Vol.I Price £5.00 plus P&P
A 56 page reference on fakes, featuring classic examples of spurious hand-engraving, mostly shown in actual size. Colour and black-and-white. Of particular interest to collectors of award and saddlers brasses. Recommended for use in tandem with the NHBS website (Fakes page). Postage: UK £2.38; EUR £4.16; ROW £5.60.

More About Engraving on Horse Brasses, F.A.K.E’s (2015) Price £5.00 plus P&P (see below)
This second booklet containing 56 more pages of fake and spurious brasses and a new introductory page.  Postage UK £2.38; EUR £4.16; ROW £5.60.

As there are only single copies available of some issues, members should first check the availability with Mick Mullens on 01908 510655.


To make a purchase please visit the shop