Terry Keegan 1931-2012The National Horse Brass Society was founded by Terry Keegan in 1975 to cater for people interested in harness decorations, especially those for the heavy horse. Terry through research had built up a vast knowledge about brasses and published books on the subject. During the seventies many brasses of inferior quality were being cast for the souvenir trade so Terry started designing brasses of very high quality, had them cast and established the Heavy Horse Enthusiast the marketing outlet for his brasses. His daughter Alison Garbett has carried on the tradition and as well as their own retail sales they produce all the NHBS membership and special brasses.

Membership has for many years at around 350, of whom,17% are overseas in the USA, Canada, Europe  South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Terry in his workshopThe Society arranges meetings and displays where you have an opportunity to meet like - minded people to gain knowledge and seek help and advice on collecting horse brasses. For the beginner you will discover the many books available on all aspects of collecting and hundreds of antique and modern brasses available to purchase at prices to suit all pockets.

Members receive an annual cast horse brass of changing design, two glossy Journals (January and July) and two Newsletters (April and October). Society members are encouraged to send in articles and pictures for the Newsletter and Horse Brass the NHBS journal. The more adventurous also send in designs for the annual membership brass.

The six most practical designs are selected by the Society’s brass designer and the drawings are submitted to the members who vote for what is considered the best. The designs are sent out with the AGM papers and the winning design announce at the meeting is then produced the following year

Ipsden meeting a brass collectors Heaven Comprehensive archives are available for reference and authoritative booklets of various types of decorations are regularly published. Titles are detailed in our Newsletters and currently there are a total of 14 publications each containing a wealth of text and photographs.

Those joining part way into a year, pay the full annual subscription and receive all Journal, Newsletter and member brass entitlements for that 12-month period.
We are a friendly informal group and there are always members willing to help each other especially new members. I do hope you will join us which can be done on line, or for those who wish to join by post, please go to the downloadable

Membership Renewal/Application Form.



Officers of the Society past and present



                                                    Ian Jones                2018 -
                                                    David Fletcher        2015 - 2018
                                                    Peter Lacey            2014 - 2015 (died in office)
                                                    George Willett        2007 - 2014
                                                    Barry Maltby           2002 - 2007
                                                    Terry Keegan          1998 - 2002
                                                    Malcolm Andrews   1979 - 1998
                                                    John Hopgood        1978 - 1979
                                                    Derrick Bradbury    1975 - 1978


General Secretary

                                          Jim Speed                  2014 -
                                          Peter Lacey                2012 - 2014
                                          Steve Pink                  2006 - 2012
                                          Peter Willows             1996 - 2006
                                          Terry Phillips               1995 - 1996 (in absentia)
                                          Steve Pink                  1990 - 1995
                                          Dennis Green             1980 - 1989
                                          Jeff Needham             1975 - 1980


                                                    Jeremy Stone                2022 -
                                                    Brian O'Riordan            2006 - 2022
                                                    Peter Willows                2005 - 2006
                                                    Clive Wrigley                 2004 -2005
                                                    Gail Stone                     2000 - 2004
                                                    Jim Elworthy                 1996 - 2000
                                                    Peter Anderson            1982 - 1996
                                                    Gerry Thompson          1975 - 1982 

 Membership Secretary

The committee position of Membership Secretary became recognised as an officer of the NHBS in 2004

                                                     Sue Hart                       2020 -
                                                     Jim Speed                    2018 - 2020
                                                     Mary Fletcher               2012 - 2018
                                                     Steve Pink                    2004 - 2012


The following list was extracted from the first NHBS Journal "Horse Brass"