NHBS Featured on Popular BBC1 TV Show

The AGM weekend in Shropshire got off to a flying start this year as it coincided with the huge Builth Wells Antiques fair held at the Royal Welsh Showground.  On this occasion the popular daytime TV programme Bargain Hunt were filming an episode in the latest series of the show.  The NHBS were approached to present a feature on antique horse brasses.

Bargain Hunt was first aired on BBC1 in 2000, over the years the rules have changed but the aim of the show has remained the same.  Two teams made up of members of the general public are invited to form a blue and red team consisting of two people with an antiques expert alloted to each team.  They are given £300 to purchase items they believe to be a bargain.  One item has to be at least £75 in value, another has to be related to a specific theme.   They are not restricted to the number of items but all has to be purchased within an hour.   Money left over can be used by the expert in each team to purchase an extra item which can be sold to bolster the profit or reduce the loss.    The items are purchased at an antiques fair or similar venue and are sold by auction.  The team that acheives the best profit or the least loss is deemed to be the winner.  It has to be said the teams show a loss on more occasions than a profit but the result can be quite spectacular either way.

The show has a rota of seven presenters and an additional team of experts who assist and advise the blue and red teams.  During the 45 minute show special antique items of interest are featured.Horse brasses was the theme for the edition recorded at Builth Wells on the 4th May 2024, which will be screened later this year.  Pictured, sat at the table is presenter Danny Sebastion (left) and NHBS Chairman Ian Jones (right) discussing Ian's display of brasses that he had taken along for the occasion.  Ian was accompanied by Society Vice-President Rolf Augustin who had made the long journey from the U.S.A. to attend the Society AGM to be held the following day at Church Stretton.  Pictured below is antiques expert Izzie Palmer with Ian Jones, this one just had to be included !!!!!


Pictured above;
Danny Sebastion - Ian Jones - Rolf Augustin                      Izzy Balmer - Ian Jones                                                                                                                                                       

Later in the day a group of sixteen made up of Society members and committee met at the Swan Inn at Aston Munslow for a social evening including supper.  The AGM was held on Sunday 5th May at the Silvester Horne Institute at Church Stretton.  There was the usual displays of brasses to view, purchase or just to ogle over during the morning session!!  The short annual general meeting which followed in the afternoon was well supported, the presence of Vice President Rolf Augustin and committee member Karma Gloss both from the United States of America was most especially welcome and appreciated.


Church Stretton 2024 AGM