The sun shone on Tarrant Hinton for the fifty first Great Dorset Steam Fair for all five days of the show, they say its either mud or dust at the Great Dorset and this year as the picture below shows it was dust all of the way!! 

 This year’s special attraction was entitled the city of Lincoln and featured well known manufacturers such as Clayton & Shuttleworth, William Foster & Co, Robey & Co, Ruston, Proctor & Co and Ruston & Hornsby. It was a unique gathering of restored, partially restored and un-restored or derelict engines implements and equipment made in the city by these famous companies. 



There was also changes in the WW1 section with the addition of eighty-five metres of underground bunker and tunnels added to the trenches faithfully constructed to WW1 plans.

 Added to that section of the show was also a special WW2 75th Anniversary D-Day display. This was a post D-Day battle damaged French village square featuring several damaged buildings and debris, a range of military vehicles of the time and the scene was completed with an authentic NAAFI canteen selling period snack and drinks.


Also featured in this section was the control tower from


Tarrant Ruston wartime airfield rescued from a scrap yard after four decades.  On the left is the description board, apologies for the poor picture

The Heavy Horse Section had a different layout this year, the horse ring change places with the heavy horse ploughing, because of farm cropping the main avenue and horse ring area was on corn stubble and the site of the usual ploughing area was in grass. The NHBS exhibit was in the usual spot on the main avenue so for the first time we were able to watch the ploughing competition at close hand.


Left Arthur and Alfie owned by Ray Dawkins from Ashford 


 Below Two cobs and favorites of the ploughing section Brodie and Lachlan entered by the Kerswell family



Unlike last year which was a complete washout both harness classes took place in brilliant sunshine, both were well supported. There was seven entries in the traditional harness class which were all turned out to a very very high standard. The winner was Willingham Flo owned by M & L Scurrell.  






Runner-up, Cowerslane Hamlet owned by B. Yeates, you might notice that Hamlet is properly dressed with an NHBS award brass facepiece!! 









 Also entered in the class was Catwg Commander Known as Tommy owned by A & T Langford who shortly after the judging paid a visit to the NHBS stand.









Tommy is pictured here with seemingly a very relaxed Peter Ferguson!!!!!









Following the traditional class came the decorated harness class which this year had four entries. The winner was Clovelly Jed pictured here with Kate Waterfield owned by B Coffen









Runner up was Tim owned by David Curtis pictured here with Erica Macey-Bracken, Erica is also co-section leader of the Heavy Horse Section of the show with her mum Neen Macey.



Below a beautiful sunset to end a perfect day, can you imagine the atmosphere, the sounds of music from the various shows, the fairground and fairground organs.


Report by Jim Speed