The 2013 meeting was our 11th anniversary at this location and once again, it was nice to see so many members in attendance with some fine collections on display here. As usual several large collections are ported in and set up for visitors to mavel at, and some, whilst displaying a collection, also bring items to sell and swap. Below; Jeff Geden who, like so many of us these days, tends to specialise, in this case, in bell brasses.

The Church Stretton Meet

Below; A helping hand is always welcome, in this case by Alex Hopkinson's grand daughter helping to set out Grandads brasses!!

The Church Stretton Meet

  Left; Ken Crawford of Worcestershire who specialises in brasses with a ceramic center.

As always the day went by too quickly, and after the raffle was done and dusted, most members set off for home at about 4.P.M. Once again, thanks are due to Stan Benton for organising this excellent meeting, and like others in attendance, I am already looking forward to next years gathering.