The 2010 Meet.

swinger cakeThey say the sun shines on the righteous and after a couple of days of foul weather, the day of our Ipsden meet this year was another fine one. It is a day of early starts for most of us, but no matter what time we get there you can guarantee someone is there already, and the dealing and swapping is already underway.

As usual there were a couple of nice displays to look at such as member Doug Hull's "Swinger Cake (left) which gives us a few ideas about how to display such a collection. It is often forgotten that aesthetics is at the very heart of why we collect, with display being an important consideration for many. Space is often another consideration and it is patently clear that here is an ingenious method of display that can easily be rotated to give a different aspect.

For those of us that do not live in houses that contain beams, where do we display our brasses? The answer to this was provided today by member Jeff Geden, who brought another of his frames for us to look at, (below) where the theme is that of the horse itself.

Horse brasses
Framing a collection of brasses thus has obvious advantages and are easily portable should an individual collector display their brasses in public from time to time. (Below, as usual, a busy scene swapping and buying at Ipsden this year.)

the hall

Once again, the day is over all too soon and those of us that stay to the bitter end will have enjoyed a pub lunch followed by a film show this year, so as they used to say at the end of those American cartoons, "Thats all Folks" at least untill the A.G.M. in March anyways. See you all then.