The 2008 Meet.

Organised to take place at the end of the year, this meeting used to fall too close to Christmas for many and in 2007 was moved into early November and this year was brought forward to October 4th.

Sunrise over the Cotswolds

Above; Sunrise over the Cotswolds, an enchanting sight not normally afforded by this meet.

The decision to bring this meeting forward by another full-month this year, certainly proved a successful move thus avoiding, even further, the spectre of Christmas, which always seemed to loom a little too large over this meeting when it was held in December. This years’ meeting was very well attended early on and many of us were afforded the extra luxury of travel blessed by the light that is usually robbed of us at the end of the month, by which time, the clocks will have gone back.

The Ipsden Crowd

Above; Joint Organiser Ron Taplin in the foreground and some of the Ipsden Crowd, which even early on was busy this year.

Today however, the dealing and swapping got underway early on aided by the lovely weather which often allows deals to go on, both inside and out. This year, Jim and Judy Speed bought the collection of modern K.B. brasses for display, which had belonged to the late Ron Baldwin, who was of course the “B” in the K.B. monogram (the other being Terry Keegan of course) which is to be found on the reverses of many of our finest, modern brasses.


Above; Jim Speed with the Baldwin Collection of K.B. Brasses. It is K.B. who make our dated NHBS member brasses given to society members every year.

As well as the usual displays that a member can expect to see here the main reason that we all attend this meeting of course is the chance to add something to our collections.

Also on display here this year was a portion of the Horse Bells collection made by the joint organiser of this meet, Ron Taplin. Ron has long specialised in this area of horse brasses, and also organised the afternoon’s attraction which is a display from a local team of hand-bell ringers. Earlier in the proceedings today, Ron was given a special members award brass for his long service to the society, which was presented by the co-organiser of this meet Mick Mullens.

Horse Bells

Above left, part of Ron Taplin's collection of Horse Bells, and right, Ron recieving his award brass for long service to the NHBS from co-organiser Mick Mullens.

Whichever of our meetings happens to be a personal favourite, there is no doubt that the one that takes place in the picturesque village of Ipsden in Oxfordshire has become a firm fixture for many NHBS members so well done to Mick and Ron for organising yet another, really good meeting, which some were overheard to say, was one of the best yet, so let us hope that the earlier fixture will continue to prove a popular one.

Below; two rare sights enjoyed this year, which were (Left) a Red Kite sighted over Ipsden Village Hall, and, even rarer, (Right) Mick Mullens making the author a cup of coffee!!!

Red Kite
The Tea Boy