WW1/GDSF Brass Nearly Ready

The limited edition brass to commemorate the centenary of the end of WW1 and the 50 year anniversary of the Great Dorset Steam Fair has been cast and awaiting further processing.  The picture left was taken on Monday 30th July of Ali & Ade Garbett with a few of the brasses awaiting the paint brush!  They will be delivered to the show which starts on Thursday 23rd August and ends on the bank holiday Monday 27th.  The brasses will be numbered from 1 - 50 and sales are being allocated in number order as they come in, they will be posted out after the show.

In the picture below are brasses awaiting the paint brush and in the foreground, bells and clappers in their cast state.  You can begin to appreciate how much work has to go into the finishing and polishing with something so small and when that is done fitting the clapper to the bell might be considered challenging to say the least!  These are collectors brasses of the future produced by a dedicated team to very high standard.