The 2017 meeting was another great success and saw plenty of swapping and selling, and another glorious day that this meeting always seems to enjoy.

The 2016 meeting enjoyed another superb day, and an even better turnout than last year with plenty of members in attendance.


 Once again, there were plenty of brasses for sale (below) with many rare types on offer!


 See you next year?

 The 2015 meeting was another fine turnout, and an early start for many on a superb and cloudless spring morning.  Dealing got underway early doors and there were a fine assortment of rare brasses to be had.


 Above, the main hall at Church Stretton.

  Left, There were the usual displays this year, and one or two new ones including Colin Doy from London who bought his collection of military bits for us to look at.

 Once again, thanks to all those who make this meeting the fun that it is, and we hope to see you again next year.









The 2014 meeting saw our 12th anniversary at this venue and a very good day it was with plenty of goodies (below) on sale and the usual displays!!


Below:  Ian Jones inspecting Alex Hopkinson's superb collection.


Below; one of the collections on display this year was Jeff Geden's Locomotive Brasses.  Whoever thought there were so many?  And undeneath, Joe Evans's brasses with a cross theme.



See you next year!!!!!


The 2013 meeting was our 11th anniversary at this location and once again, it was nice to see so many members in attendance with some fine collections on display here.  As usual several large collections are ported in and set up for visitors to mavel at, and some, whilst displaying a collection, also bring items to sell and swap.  Below; Jeff Geden who, like so many of us these days, tends  to specialise, in this case, in bell brasses.


Below; A helping hand is always welcome, in this case by Alex Hopkinson's grand daughter helping to set out Grandads brasses!!

Left; Ken Crawford of Worcestershire who specialises in brasses with a ceramic center.  

As always the day went by too quickly, and after the raffle was done and dusted, most members set off for home at about 4.P.M.  Once again, thanks are due to Stan Benton for organising this excellent meeting, and like others in attendance, I am already looking forward to next years gathering. 









The Church Stretton Meet **********10th Anniversary************

R.J. Bradshaw.

2012 Meeting.  This year marked the 10th Anniversary of this meeting and once again, members travelled from near and far to mark a very special day.  Once again, the day was blessed with superb, early May weather, and early-birds began swapping and dealing from car-boots until the hall opened up at nine.  Now that we have our new, updated and improved website up and running, this means that I can now include larger images which give a much better impression of the day so, enjoy!


 Once again  centre stage was taken by Mark Roberts' (centre) fabulous collection who was ably assisted by Terry Williams (in the hat) and admired by many.  Apart from a number of fine displays, there were plenty on sale, including a fine selection from Geff Geden, seen here (below) having a final check to see that all is present and correct!


Below: Another fine display from a member showing modern leather work and awards that have been won in recent years.


 Below:  More fine brasses on display this time from the collection of Ralph Chapman from Devon.


 Below; Alec Hopkinson from Chesterfield with his fine display, assisted by his daughter and granddaughter;  A fine day out for all the family!


Below; a very nice little lot here (but sadly not for sale) from the collection of Joe Evans in Cornwall.


Below; organiser Stan Benton and another very fine selection of brasses for sale.


Below; Jim Speed who with his wife Judy, brought up the collection of K.B. Brasses dedicated to the memory of Ron Baldwin.


Below, a great day, and a busy scene as was most of the day, so hats off once again to organiser Stan Benton and all those who attended to make this day such a memorable one.  lets hope we can have another ten years!!!


The 2011 Meeting.

This year marked the ninth gathering held by the NHBS so next years meeting will be our 10th Anniversary. This year, a lot of members arrived early, and much selling and swapping was done outside and in. The displays this year were furnished by Mark Roberts, Gron Williams, Alan Brewer and Alec Hopkinson, and there were the usual stalls of brasses for sale.

Above, early doors, and quite a few already in attendance. and below, Rankin Lewis and Terry Williams dicuss the various merits of a Martingale.

Once again, the meeting was well attended, and many deals done, which makes this gathering the sheer pleasure that it is, and though I only went home with one brass this year, I did not mind as, it is the meeting itself that I enjoy most, so well done to Stan for another great day.

The 2010 Meeting.

The popularity of this, our first meeting of the year, speaks for itself, (see below) but this year has to be one of the best attended ever. Once again, all the old favourites were there with Mark Robert's collection taking centre stage, Allan Brewer and Alan Field in the wings and even one or two collections that we had not seen before.

Right; a shot of the hall taken from the balcony of the Sylvester Horne Institute. A great turnout this year with no fewer than nine committee members present. The displays were especially good, and with plenty also on sale here today, most go away with something for their collections.

Members often travel from far and wide to attend this meeting, with several from Devon and Cornwall and Sussex, though the furthest travelled again this year was Jeff Crocker from Australia.

Below; Alec Hopkinson of Chesterfield, with his collection which makes a very fine display indeed.

Alex Hopkinson

Below, Geoff Geden, who came up from near Ipsden, (our October fixture) bringing part of this collection dedicated to the memory of Andrew Macdonald a founder member of the society . This collection contained many fine examples of dated, early brasses, and other desirable types.

Once again, the day, so eagerly anticipated goes by so quickly and as we set off for home we look forward to next years meet with just as much anticipation, and until then, we still have Ipsden to look forward to.

The 2009 Meeting.

Sunday the 17th of May saw a wet day for our meeting this year, so just as well we were indoors and did not notice it until it was time to leave!!!

Despite the weather another good meeting was had by all and there were several nice collections to look at this year. As usual, Mark Roberts came down from North Wales and brought his big collection for us to look at again, which is always nice to see.

Ian and Ralph Left; Ian Jones (kneeling) and Ralph Chapman discussing the various merits of items in Mark Roberts's large collection, which fills the entire stage at this meeting.

It is always nice to see this extensive collection and perhaps pick out those items that we might like to find one day; The effort required to load this collection and travel with it both ways is never easy for Mark (who is over 80 years of age) so well done once again, and to all those who helped to port it in and set it all up.


Allan Brewer

Left; Allan Brewer and his collection This is also another nice collection to look at. Allan is also a talented leather worker and does fine work mounting new brasses and repairing old items that have suffered the ravages of time. Yet again a great deal of effort was required to get this collection here today, so well done Allan for contributing to another great meeting here today.

Also present today was Gron Williams who travels from the same part of the world as Allan (above) and is able to share the trip therefore reducing their Carbon Footprint; At least no-one can say that horse brass collectors arent green eh? Those who know Gron will tell you his passion (apart from Real Ale) is of course Brewery Brasses and Gron bought part of his collection to show us today.


Left; Gron Williams and his representative collection of Brewery Brasses. Gron is also the author of two NHBS publications on the same theme, which are extremely informative.

Once again however, the day goes by so quickly and once the raffle was done and dusted, members drift off home after another great meeting.

So thanks once again to Stan Benton who organises this very popular meeting, and all of those that helped to make the day such a success and to those who travel from near and far to buy, sell, and just to look. We hope to see you again next year.

Hope to see you all there.


The 2008 Meeting

Once again, this popular meeting came and went so quickly this year that it often seems as if we have dreamed it, but I am sure that many will agree with me when I say that this year’s get together was probably the best yet, and certainly one of the best attended.

Steve Pinks' Noseband collectionMark Roberts's Collection 

(Above left, Mark Roberts collection, which always creates a lot of interest and right, Steve Pink's collection of nosebands, and a fine example of a specialist collection

One thing that is always clear to members is the sheer hard work that organiser Stan Benton has put into the day. No fewer than five collections were on display this year with old favourite, Mark Roberts taking centre stage of course, and one or two previously unseen collections this year. Our Secretary, Steve Pink, brought his collection of nosebands that he likes to specialise in, and Allan Brewer was in attendance again, and his collection is certainly growing. 

Mark Svensson of Kent

The first of the new collections was that made by Mark Svensson (above), which was pleasingly different in having a distinctly Scottish flavour. Mark, a saddler from Kent, has kept Clydesdales for a number of years and so his collection favours the Clydesdale style of decoration with high, “Brecham” style collars and the ornamentation being mainly white brass. Mark came a long way for today’s meeting so well done Mark, and we hope to see you again next year.

Alan Field of Sussex

Alan Field (above) also travels long distance coming from Sussex and he brought some of his collection for us to look at today. It is always nice to see good quality items and there is no doubt that his representative brasses here today are all high in quality and are much sought after types, most of which are on our “wish” lists, so well done Alan.

The First Prize for mileage this year however, surely has to go to Jeff Crocker (below photographed here with his wife and Stan Benton, centre) who came all the way from Australia. I do not think it is possible to beat this record and it is always nice to meet with overseas members, so we hope their journey was worthwhile and that they will return home with a few examples that will serve as reminders of the day.

Stan Benton & the Crockers

As usual, the day was gone all too soon and once the raffle was done and dusted, we set off for home around 4pm, on one of those afternoons that this meeting is famous for. There is certainly something about this meeting that makes the journey worthwhile however far we have to come. Indeed, some of our collectors arrive in the general area a day or two previously and like to take in the heritage sites such as Stokesay Castle and Acton Farm Museum and the general beauty of the area as well as taking a ride around the local antique shops. There is of course a good antique centre in Church Stretton itself and of course, if you are around a day or two previously, then there is also Stan’s shop at No 1 Burway Road in the town. See you all next year! And well done Stan for another great meeting.

The 2007 Meet

The Sylvester Horne Institute

This meeting has certainly become a firm fixture for NHBS members in their social calendar. I think the last meeting (May 2007) was even better attended than 2006 and even the weather did not serve to dampen anyone’s spirits, with this week marking the start of the wettest summer in living memory.

Left, the Sylvester Horne Institute; the venue of the Church Stretton Meet.

The stalls in 2006 need no description from me as I can add a photo or two which gives us an idea of some of the items on offer here. We can also see the sheer scale of Mark Roberts’ fantastic collection, which was, once again set up in all its glory on the stage for us to marvel at. It is amazing to think that this was Church Stretton No. 6, and, like all the other meetings I always find this day such a pleasure. I suppose, as always, it is the meeting of old friends, the banter, and the sheer entertainment value that is the most important thing. As always, I realise that I am already looking forward to next years’ meeting with just as much anticipation as I had for today’s get together. As I drive home I also realise how easy it has become to take these meetings for granted so take a bow all those that arrange and attend and receive a hearty “well done” for always making this meeting such a success.

Mark Roberts & His Collection Left; Mark Roberts and his collection, which always takes several hefty members to cart it in.

Collections like these are of course the stuff of legend and many members are heard to comment which specimen they would most like to add to their own collections. This collection is always a pleasure to see, so well done Mark, we hope to see you again at the 2008 fixture in May.