The A.G.M.

The AGM of the NHBS is open to all members and is the first date in our calendar and is held in the Leather Centre in Walsall (below) in early March, usually on the first Saturday. The doors open at and it is not long before there are enough members to do a bit of bartering, dealing and swapping. One of the good things about this meeting is the centre itself, which has its own café, and after a very nice lunch, our Annual General Meeting takes place.  This is usually got through fairly quickly as members like to commence looking at brasses and chatting soon after before departing about four P.M. 


2013 A.G.M. This year, as well as the usual trading etc, we say a special presentation brass given to Ali Garbutt the daughter of our founder member Terry Keegan, which was presented by Chairman, George Willet.    


Below, the society stand which is seen at most of our 'do's.