Membership Information

The National Horse Brass Society was formed in 1975 to cater for people interested in harness decorations, especially those for the heavy horse.

The Society arranges meetings, displays, visits to collections and venues of interest. Membership has stood for many years at around 450, of whom, 13% are overseas in the USA, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Members receive an annual cast horse brass of changing design, two glossy Journals (January and July) and two Newsletters (April and October). There is also a free optional Members Directory circulated only to those who are listed in it.

Comprehensive archives are available for reference and authoritative booklets of various types of decorations are regularly published. Titles are detailed in our Newsletters and currently total 14 publications each containing a wealth of text and photographs.

Those joining part way into a year, pay the full annual subscription and receive all Journal, Newsletter and member brass entitlements for that 12 month period.

We are quite friendly and informal and there are always members willing to help each other and new members.

I do hope you will join us, and for those who wish to join by the old fashioned method, please find a downloadable Membership Renewal/Application Form below to complete and return to the Membership Secretary, thank you.

Membership Renewal/Application