A fitting tribute to Mark Roberts as written in the latest Newsletter no 74

The Mark Roberts Collection sold 28th November 2017  

Tribute to Mark Roberts 

 Tribute to Mark RobertsMark Roberts was well known at the NHBS Church Stretton Meeting where he produced the above magnificent display of horse brasses. The picture on the right is taken from his funeral service card and shows a heavy horse bowed in respect and sorrow.

Mark was born in St. George’s village, between St Asaph and Abergellie in 1927 and like many of his relatives was involved in World War II but after the conflict, Mark spent 3 years in Germany hauling timber for the British Army in the reconstruction of the country. Many of his jobs were around horses or Shows. He worked for many years with the firm of Woodhouse erecting marquees and sheds at various events including at Wembley for the Horse of the Year show. He became Head Forester at Cefn Estates near St. Aseph and renewed his connection with Shire horses. Mark was very active in the Welsh Shire Horse scene being a founder member of Abergele Shire Horse Society (later to become part of the North Wales Shire Horse Society) and supporter of many societies to do with farming.

His longtime friend, Terry Williams, travelled with him to many shows helping to erect his extraordinary collection of horse brasses which was regarded by some as one of the biggest in the world. Terry recalls how in 1962, Mark helped him on his way into horse brass collecting and how they had established an enduring friendship.

He died on 16 th April 2017 at the age of 89. Terry represented NHBS at the funeral.

Brian O’Riordan
October 2017