We are sorry to announce that Doug Hull passed away on the 25th May 2020, another of our founder members, (his original membership number was 24) His wife Joy who died a few years ago joined later. When she died, Doug gave her member’s brasses to the society to be sold for funds. They were very keen and loyal members who always came up from Devon to attend our meetings especially Ipsden.
                                        Picture by courtesy of Dick Bradshaw

 Many years ago Doug presented a major part of his horse brass collection to the National Trust and they are on display in the stables at Knightshays Court, Tiverton, home of the Heathcote Amorys (the stables are used as the restaurant and the brasses look splendid on the walls in glass fronted cabinets, I hope they are still there as I have not visited the house for a while).

He and Joy were very active in local politics and served as Mayor and Mayoress of Axminster some years back. At Ipsden, in the days when Ran and Audrey Hawthorne and Ron and Jean Taplin organised the annual get together, Doug always exhibited his “speciality collection” of brasses which were all stamped brasses (these were not at Knighthays) and I recall at one Thimbleby and Shorland brass sale which they usually attended, there was a large stamped plain sun flash brass up for auction with the initials J H engraved on it in large bold letters (Pictured above) which Doug successfully bid for. I remember how delighted they were with their purchase because “J H” were Joy’s initials.

Peter Ferguson

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