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Chairman Ian Jones



                Chairman for Overall Help and Guidance
                Ian Jones at
                Telephone 01885 490426

              General Secretary Jim Speed

               General Secretarial / Website Enquiries         
               Membership Renewals/Enquiries
               and other Society Information     

               Jim Speed at
               Telephone   01225 708121  

 Treasurer & Newsletter Editor


               Newsletter & Financial Information.
               Brian O'Riordan
               Telephone 01923 247619



Journal Editor Peter Ferguson

               Journal Editorial / Membership & Special Brass Design
               Peter Ferguson at
               Telephone 01271 374262



Sale Books & Special Brasses Mick Mullens


                Books & Special Brass Sales. 
                Mick Mullens at


               Assistant Secretary

               Sue Hart at 




NHBS Committee Members

                Left to right Rolf Augustin, Stan Benton,  George Willett

        Rolf Augustin         Stan Benton  Geoge Willett        


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