The Late Barry Maltby


 We are sad to announce the death of one of our past chairman, Barry Maltby on 22nd February 2020 and send our condolences to his son Stuart, daughters Kay and Susan and their families.

Barry and his late wife Connie were early members of the society and keen horse brass collectors.Barry joined the NHBS committee in March 1982 taking on the role of society archivist, a job he held for twenty six years.

He was joined on committee by his wife Connie in March 1990 until 2004 where Connie brought much wisdom and stability to the committee meetings as did Barry. In March 2002,Barry succeeded Terry Keegan as Chairman serving for the next six years until 2008 when he retired from active participation in the life of the society though he remained a member.The funeral date was 10th March 2020

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