Church Stretton – 2019


Travelling through the pleasant hills and valleys of the Marches and passing many an orchard and ancient building, one is greeted by the magical little hillside town and the welcome of many fellow collectors and gleaming brasses. Needless to say, our 13th Annual Meeting lived up to its former high standards providing society members; new and old with much to admire and reflect.

I have been privileged to Display of brasses by Alec Hopkinsonattend all but one of the former meetings and have noticed their improvement over the years. In the early days there were probably more people attending and the emphasis was perhaps not so specialised as today. We now see some very spectacular displays of quality brasses arranged and presented to a very high standard. Symbols of the pride and dedication attached to their owners and this meeting.

One of several display tables

(Above Sue hart in conversation with Alec Hopkinson) 

For those wishing to add to their collections there was an endless choice both in price and type with many sales tables, including a large and well patronized amount from Cornish Joe who unfortunately did not bring any pasties or pixies! However, he had some superb brasses for sale, as did many others.

The usual venue complete with tea, coffee and rolls thanks to committee member Sue Hart and Andrew  is ideally suited and easy to access within the town.

We offer our sincere thanks to Stan Benton who has again dedicated his expertise and time to maintain the smooth running of an enjoyable meeting. Long may our special day continue. Please give it your added support to ensure it’s future.

Ralph Chapman

Another 2019 Dislay










Above left and top right 2019 displays and bottom right brasses for sale by Joe Evans